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Mauritius-Le Morne-Kite lagoon.jpg


Let's start with the famous one, known as the best spot in Mauritius, this spot is known worldwide and is the favorite spot of a lot of pro kitesurfers: Le Morne 

Kite Spot Le Morne
Le Morne Kite spot -La Pointe beach view from One eye surf spot

Le Morne Kite & Surf Spot

A World Class Kite spot to please every single rider

With its epic scenery and tragic slave history, the whole area of Le Morne Brabant has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Le Morne is first of all known to be a great Surf Spot, One eye is considered as one of the cleanest, hollow, steep, and fast waves worldwide: Surfers, Windsurfers, and Kitesurfers will all agree on this one.

Everyone will also agree that it's as dangerous as beautiful. This left is going to push you on about 50 meters of shallow water on top of the sharp reef during the whole ride, however, you might get lucky and catch some nice barrels if you have the level.

Most important is to be cautious... this wave is a surf breaker and a kite eater!

Le Morne also offers different types of waves within a 5 km radius and can accommodate all levels of riders.

Litte Reef and Manawa are the favorites for beginners.

Anchor, Platin rouge, Chameaux are for intermediate-level riders.

The spot is also great for kiteboarders who practice freestyle and foiling. It is not only a kitesurfers spot so you will encounter Wing foilers and Windsurfers on the water.


Le Morne area is a 1 stop shop by itself and this is one of the reasons why it is one of the favorite spots of the locals and the foreigners.

With 2 main beaches to start your session,  the riders can decide on which side of the peninsula they want to get in the water.​

La Pointe : One eye Beach
Le Morne One eye Kite Spot Mauritius

The Coolest Beach! This beach is smaller than the kite lagoon but it is the best one to chill and finish the day with a great sundowner. It is also a great place because the beach is only partly windy, making it possible to relax & tan without being constantly blown by the wind.​

The beach is facing the surf spot of One Eye and all the other surf spots. Launching and landing can be a bit tricky depending on the direction of the wind as the spot is partly side onshore & offshore at some point.

La pointe is more of an advanced area. There is a decent flat/choppy space to freeride and freestyle, but it is very accessible to any independent riders if they are a bit cautious.

Closer to the shore this is where the pros do their show... don't be surprised to see one or two guys jumping over the beach, on top of your head, to land downwind of the point.

The Kite Lagoon

The kite Lagoon is the safest spot in Le Morne, which is why it is the main beach of all the kite schools. Situated upwind of La Pointe it is a side-onshore / onshore spot, so beginners can always end up safely on the beach. The lagoon can be pretty packed during high season with all the beginners taking lessons and the free riders. However, the spot is vast so riding upwind as an independent kiteboarder just takes some time in order to reach the shallow sand bank,  Le Morne village, La Prairie, or even Maconde. These spots are normally empty so you will probably end up being alone on the water.  

Le Morne Kite Lagoon Kite Spot Mauritius
Mauritius-Le Morne-La pointe du Morne kite spot

Average Wind strength :

Winter Season: 15 to 25 Knots 

Summer Season: 12 to 15 Knots

Wind Direction for riding:

SE, ESE, E (Gusty)

Amenities :

Very limited amenities are available on the beach of Le Morne.


1 public toilet only on the Advanced rider's Spot - La pointe

Restaurants :

No restaurants on the beach. Some Food Trucks are usually hanging around to sell food.

On and off some mobile local food vendors scroll the beaches to offer their local snacks (Rotis, fruits, ice cream, etc..._)

Mauritius-Le Morne-Kite lagoon.jpg


Second option after Le Morne: Bel Ombre is a good alternative spot to Le Morne. Less crowded and perfect with East wind direction.

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