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The Kiteaholic Bastards Mauritius
Your Dedicated Kitesurf school in Mauritius



Our story begins when our passion & hobby turned into a daily routine. 

Water and Wind are ruling our daily life, as it is windy almost all year round in Mauritius.


Life is good here, we don't need much to be happy... 

Just lots of wind & sun: Sea is our vitamin & Kitesurfing is our medicine!

We love our country and we are convinced you will also do!


Water element
Wind element


KITEAHOLIC BASTARD MAURITIUS North | The downwind experience in Mauritius - Happy Downwinder crew

In Mauritius, there are mainly small kite schools and only a few big structures. Big structures are often more expensive and less flexible.

We are a small structure: 2 family members, we are Mauritian islanders born and raised here. We are very easygoing & straightforward people.

We work mainly with 2 kitesurf brands : Duotone & Airush

We would like to share the island-style life with you.

 Kite - Eat - Sleep - Repeat

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re looking for the perfect place to hone your skills, our structure will provide you with the necessary support and our community will share the same passion.

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KITEAHOLIC BASTARD MAURITIUS | Beginner student Kitesurf Lesson - Grand Bay



Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding, Kiting... So many words for the same sport with some slight differences... One of the most trendy and cool water sports - a mix of different fascinating sports: sailing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, paragliding ...

A Board, a Power Kite with its Control Bar, a Harness and you are ready to be riding on the water to enjoy the freedom of the lagoon!

It Sounds Pretty Fun, right? Do you want to make it your new passion/activity/sport? 

Why a kite instructor or a kite school is useful?

None of the "tutorials" on the internet will hold on to your harness, correct you, ensure your safety, relaunch your kite, bring you back on shore, catch your board back, correct your mistakes, etc... This is the job of your kitesurf instructor!


Most of the time, it’s more enjoyable to have the company of an instructor when you are not yet independent. Gain time and save energy.

​There is no limit to how many lessons you can have: Everyone learns at a different pace.

The key to this sport is Kite Control!


We are convinced that a strong base will help you to progress better & faster.​

The first 5 hours of lessons are the first key to success! 

There is no secret - The more time you spend flying the kite, the better you get at controlling it.

It is focused on the management/control of the kite which is our "engine" fuelled by the wind.

KITEAHOLIC BASTARD MAURITIUS North | Beginner student Kitesurf Lesson - Anse la Raie Kite spot
KITEAHOLIC BASTARD MAURITIUS North | Beginner student Kitesurf Lesson - With all safety equipment in Anse la Raie Kite spot



If you are still walking on the beach & swimming with your kite on the water...  You must have missed something... Think about it!


Proper training will make you progress faster and will make you independent. ​Learn the right way & use quality kiteboarding equipment with us.

Being with a kite instructor will allow you to get the proper knowledge about kitesurfing and practice enough under supervision to understand all the basics skills, safety, first rides, and understand the spirit of this sport. 


Even people who are independent and already advanced kiteboarders can benefit from EVOLUTION Kite Coaching to improve their level faster.

If you are on the water only a few times per year, and you kite only during your foreign holiday trip, take the opportunity to progress faster.


An experienced kite instructor will be able to guide you to learn these new tricks that you are dreaming of nailing.

KITEAHOLIC BASTARD MAURITIUS North | Independent kiteboarder Jumping - Le Morne Kite Lagoon Mauritius Kite spot
KITEAHOLIC BASTARD MAURITIUS North - Beginner Lesson in Anse la Raie Bay

A Good Teacher & Mentor isn't someone who gives the answers, or who gets irritated with every issue...

... but someone who understands the needs and challenges, and provides tools and guidance to help others succeed!

What is a good kite surf lesson?

For beginners, a good kitesurf lesson would be a proper mix of theory and practice.

We are convinced that everyone should understand what they are doing. If a student understands what he is supposed to do and why to do it, he should be able to progressively develop his skills, timing, and muscle memory. 


The kite has to fly and spend more time in the air than on the water (unless you need to practice specific exercises like the water relaunch/safety system/self-rescue).

The student has to spend as much time as possible with the kite and faces a maximum of situations.

A kite lesson is always teamwork between the instructor and the student. Sharing knowledge and experience is what an instructor has to do and communication is always the biggest challenge.

For a better understanding, a proper lesson will be explanations followed by demonstrations.


A proper lesson is also having the right equipment at the right time to have the best results.

Why should you book a kite lesson with us?

- Simply our reputation: Best kitesurfing school ratings in Mauritius - Check our reviews 

- Our pedagogy and lesson plans: we focus on the most important things for you to improve

- Personalised and quality kite training: we will accompany you through your kitesurf progression with a certified instructor / not more than 2 students per class

- Appropriate kite spot: our location is prime and conditions to learn are ideal (shallow water, good wind direction, no waves and current,

- We are flexible: we accommodate fewer students to be able to focus on you, who decided to start with us kitesurfing is technical, not physical, so we focus on strong basics (kite control)

- Our equipment is renewed constantly: we want you to stay safe and enjoy every minute of your lesson

- Our price is competitive: you will be paying half of the price practiced in Europe

Kitesurf Mauritius-Le Morne-Kite lagoon.jpg

Kite Surf Lessons Booking

Opening Hours


First Come... First Served! Organize your booking and deposit in advance to get priority on our kite lesson planning!


The earlier... The better! We usually book the kiteboarding lessons a minimum of 1 day in advance to plan the lessons according to the level of our students, the weather forecast & the tides so you can get the best spot according to the conditions. 

We have limited space!

We can propose only 4 rounds of teaching per day:





Contacting us in advance would be the ideal option but you can be lucky: we can sometimes accommodate last-minute lessons. 


  1. Just click on the below "Book your kite lesson" button to register and organize your booking deposit online via our website.

  2. We will get in touch with you in order to reconfirm your level and pre-book a time slot.

  3. We will wait for the latest updated weather forecast (one day before your scheduled lesson) to confirm our meeting.

Your dedicated Kite School in Mauritius
North - Anse La Raie

Monday to Sunday :

8h30am - 17h30pm

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