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For independent riders who like challenges! 

A Freerider is an independent & consistent kiteboarder who took lessons in a kite school and is usually certified by his instructor.  At this level of riding, he knows how to waterstart, hold his edge properly, control his speed while riding upwind & downwind, and can handle different wind conditions with different sizes of kites.

As a free rider,  you can stay comfortably at this level and enjoy riding on the spots, it is fun and very relaxed. You will most probably like to do some downwinders with friends to explore any coastline.

 Usually, the following basic skills are already acquired: transitions (change course without stopping), toeside riding & jibes (switch riding) but you can also progress and start learning, new skills that are usually more exciting and also challenging: load & pop (progressive edge to accumulate power with your board & create small jumps), Jumps... Jump transitions...  etc.. The list can be long!

Those are a few extra skills that you will have to master to upgrade your level to Freestyle.

Evolution Kite lessons - Advanced Course - Jumps


If you are ready to push a bit your limits... We are going to talk in a different language: Freestyle

Doors are now open to a new world... One base for doing all kind of crazy things in the air are the jumps! This is what people need to learn at the beginning. As soon as you can manage the basic jumps and go higher in the air, it will be possible to add some rotations during the time you float in the air... It is called the tricks: Back rolls... Front rolls... Carving transitions... Kite loops... And much more ...

Upgrade your level in less time with our support & tips! People who can't spend so much time on the water during the year might get faster to the level they want if they go on trial and error mode.

We explain to you the objectives and techniques, and common mistakes, make you practice, and give you feedback so that you can understand what to correct and make you practice again until you develop the right timing and feeling.

We recommend taking 1h30 of lesson on average and then go practice on your own and do another session of 1h30 to correct progressively your technique... and so on until we can reach your objectives.

Evolution Kite lessons - Advanced Course - Foil & Foiling


For the "braves" who want to maximize their time on the water

Learning how to ride with a new type of board  will open new possibilities for you.

This section is for the advanced riders who already have some solid experience & master the kite control.
Learning how to use a Surf or a Foil Kite Board is a step that will bring you to a new style of riding.

If you are attracted by the waves, then the surfboard will be for you :

Riding the surfboard will teach you a new balance and a new stance.

If you prefer a "flying carpet" above the surface of the water, riding the foil is for you  :
Getting incredible speed and being able to go upwind like never before.

Increase also your chances of riding with light wind with these 2 types of boards.

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